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- Contextualized Videos

     #n an effort to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate media, Viña has worked with local Christians to produce contextualized videos, that is videos that communicate a biblical message in the cultural context of the viewers.

     A major source of content for this type of video are the parables Jesus told. The indigenous group studies a parable, discussing Jesus’ message and then they consider how Jesus would have told that story if he were addressing them as a culture. The group then thinks through how to dramatize this. The result is a video that is biblically accurate and culturally appropriate, where Jesus’ message comes through loud and clear.

     A benefit of this type of video is that the local group, besides coming to a greater understanding of Scripture and how it applies to their lives, also gain a greater understanding and appreciation for their language and culture. The Good Samaritan, and The Ten Virgins have both been done, but perhaps the most popular parable is the “Prodigal Son,” which has been dramatized in Poqomam, Achi, and Kaqchikel.

     Dramatizing other biblical passages has also been done with varying degrees of effectiveness. The resurrection of Lazarus was produced in Sololá with the youth group of a local church. The events were portrayed as if they had happened in Sololá. In the introduction, it is explained that the event actually took place in another time and place in history, but that the story was being contextualized to help people understand what Jesus did.

     Original video production, done with local scriptwriters and actors is a very powerful way of communicating. The video “Rescued” done in the Rabinal Achi language dramatizes the testimony of a man freed from alcohol addiction. Videos on health and other issues are also very effective when produced by indigenous people.