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Audio Services

     Viña provides high quality recording and production services at affordable prices to the Christian community as well as government, business and non-profit groups. Operating one of the best-equipped studios in Guatemala, Viña has over twenty year’s experience and offers special expertise in the production of Mayan language materials.


Studio recording.

     Two sound studios are available to fit your needs. The main studio is large enough to handle music groups and choirs, and consists of one large area and two isolation booths. Another studio is available for one or two-voice recordings, such as radio programs, announcements, spots and video voice-overs. Viña uses a Control24 mixer powered by ProTools HD® software by Digidesign®.

Field recording

     Viña also has extensive experience in field recordings. Our staff is able to fit into many different cultural and geographical contexts with ease and sensitivity. Using portable digital equipment we can record up to eight simultaneous tracks onsite.


     Viña does analog to digital conversions, or from one format to another with the following supported formats: Audiocassette, Minidisk, Adat, Rdat, CD and DVD.


     Our staff is experienced at producing programming for many applications including radio, and video soundtracks. They have lots of experience in producing materials for a variety of target audiences, from Mayan to North American. A wide range of royalty-free music and sound effects are available for use in your production.

Voice Talent

     Trained voice talent is available in-house in Spanish, Kaqchikel and Tzutujil. Viña will arrange for voice talent in any other Mayan language as well as English. Non-professional voice talent can also be arranged in some European languages.

Music composition and arranging

     Viña offers composition and arranging of original music for productions, jingles, and radio station ID’s in many of the Mayan languages as well as Spanish.


     Since no two projects are the same; Viña will provide you with a custom bid for each job. We will work closely with you to efficiently complete your project within budget.


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