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     Vińa is excited to be a part of what God is doing here in Guatemala, Latin America, and around the world! The Deditos project began with some solid start-up funding, but that is starting to run out even as the doors seem to be flying open for the series to be used in ministry around the world. Local partners from places such as India, Paraguay, Peru, and Romania are ready to cover the significant expenses of dubbing, distributing and broadcasting the programs, but first we must produce them! Viña's small crew of missionaries and national believers here in Guatemala are inexperienced in fund raising at this level. We recognize the vital role that like-minded partners with personnel and material resources will have in the fulfillment of our mission—we want you to join with us!

     Vińa is a registered nonprofit organization in Guatemala. Viña can receive direct donations from churches or other organizations not needing tax-deductible receipts.


In the USA:

Donors in the United States can give through our partner organization, Ethno Media Associates and receive tax deductible receipts.

To give online, click on the logo below and be sure to select "Vińa Association" as the Media Field Partner to assure we receive the donations.

Ethno Media Associates

To give by mail, write a check to "Ethno Media Associates" Note that it is for Viña, and send to the following address.

Ethno Media Associates
PO Box 2130
Orange CA 92859



In Canada:

Canadians can donate through Commission To Every Nation (CTEN) and receive tax-deductible receipts.

To give online, click on the logo below for one time online donations, as well as reoccurring snail-mail donations.

Commission to Every Nation Canada

To give by mail, write checks to "Commission To Every Nation" Note that it is for Viña / Guatemala, and send to the following address.

Commission To Every Nation Canada
PO Box 22017
11500 Tecumseh Rd. E.
Windsor, Ontario N8N 5G6