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Finger Puppets Materials

Viña's Finger Puppet materials integrate video, original songs, teaching materials and crafts in an exciting Bible curriculum for children of the developing world. Take a look at what is available for use in Sunday school or VBS, look behind the scenes to see what's involved in producing these materials, or check out how to get involved.

Finger Puppets: Overview

Promotional Videos

Need to produce a video promoting your ministry? Beginning with the creative process all the way to the finished product, Viña will help you produce advocacy or promotional videos, as well as adapting videos into other languages.

Promotional Videos: Overview

Audio Services

Get help in producing radio programs, jingles, and announcements in a variety of Mayan languages as well as Spanish and English.

Audio: Services Offered

Music Recordings

Viña can produce the CD that you have always dreamed of recording. We have the versatility to work within the constraints of your schedule and budget: from multiple sessions over a long range of time, to a one or two day recording marathon.

Audio: Studio Recording


Viña offers training in ethnomusicology, helping musicians write worship music that reflects the musical preferences of a particular people group or culture.

Audio: Ethnomusicology

Faith Comes By Hearing

Find out what's available in audio Scriptures in Mayan languages.

Audio: Faith Comes By Hearing

Gospel Recordings Materials

Viña can make copies for you of any Gospel Recording materials for Guatemalan languages.

Audio: Gospel Recordings

Contextualized videos

Producing videos of Jesus’ teachings within the framework of a given culture is a powerful discipleship tool. See what’s available, or get help producing a video for the group you work with.

Contextualized videos

Scripture Videos

Scripture videos are a great evangelistic and discipleship tool. See what’s available in Spanish and Mayan languages, or dialog with Vina about adapting videos produced by partnering organizations into the language with which you work.

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Resources on Guatemala

Resources on Guatemala, her linguistic diversity, communicating with oral based cultures, worldview issues and information on Bible Translation with many additional links to related topics.

Partnering with Viña

Make an eternal investment in the Southern Church. Partner with Viña to produce materials that equip and empower local believers to reach their own people.

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